Dry, itchy, flaky scalps soothed with Sedigel

All about Dry scalps and itchy flaky skin

What is Dandruff?

Dandruff is the common name for a dry scalp where the skin is flaking off and forming scales or plaques of skin, which become loose and drop onto clothing.
Dandruff is not dangerous, but it is unslightly as it causes white greasy looking scales visible on the scalp. These scales also fall from the scalp and are sometimes be visible on clothing around the neck and shoulders. This is often a source of embarrassment and concern to those who suffer from the condition.

Where else can Dandruff form?

Facial hair namely beards and moustaches can also be affected with dry flaky skin.

What causes Dandruff?

Skin cells that grow and die off too fast are the problem. Exactly why this happens isn’t clear it is thought that a very common fungus called Malassezia may contribute to dandruff. This fungus lives on the scalp of most healthy adults without causing any problems. One theory is that the immune system of someone with dandruff may overreact to that fungus.

The most common cause of dandruff is dry skin. Seborrhoeic dermatitis, which causes a greasy irritated scalp, is also a common cause. In children and babies a seborrhoeic dermatitis is known as cradle cap. Other skin conditions such as Eczema and Psoriasis can also cause dandruff.

Infrequent washing of the hair makes it more likely that oils and debris will build up, increasing the risk of dandruff. The scalp may also be sensitive to the ingredients of haircare products and in those who suffer from this, dandruff may also occur.
Excessive use of hair drying and styling equipment can aggravate the scalp and cause a drying which then leads to dandruff.

Who gets Dandruff?

Dandruff is a very common condition with about 15% of the population experiencing it. The condition is more common in men and tends to start in early adulthood and continues into middle age but it can occur at any age. The most common age to suffer is in your 40’s.

Is Dandruff seasonal?

Dandruff can be worse in the winter as skin may be drier at this time of year with cold temperatures outside and central heating drying the air out inside; it can improve in the summer.

Is Dandruff contagious?

No you can’t catch dandruff or the associated fungus from anyone else.

How can I treat my dry, itchy flaky scalp?

Most dandruff treatments are available over the counter in shops and pharmacies
Frequently these are shampoo based solutions and are generally very effective. Make sure you massage the scalp well when using shampoo and most importantly rinse thoroughly to ensure no reside is left on the scalp or hair which may aggravate the scalp further.

You may want something in addition to your shampoo which you can leave on to soothe your scalp all day or night. This is where Sedigel can help. A non greasy glycerin based gel which can be left of the scalp to soothe, calm and moisturize the dry skin and help eliminate the visible signs ie flaky skin.

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